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Applicable Terms

Terms in this document referred as US Fashion Index / USFashionIndex USFashionIndex.com we or us all stands for the same entity which is USFashionIndex.com 

When you place an order, an agreement is constituted between US Fashion Index and you. Explore the terms and conditions of this agreement:

USFashionIndex.com is responsible to accept your order and deliver it on time as per the information published on this official website.

The information about any product and service which will not include in our website would be an exceeding of the law.

We have an expert site’s management team that has the responsibility for controlling and managing the content provided in this website. That’s why all the contents mentioned in this site are all genuine.

To return/cancel/refund or exchange a product/order, you need to go through the “Refund and Cancellation” policy page on our website.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Disclaimer

The content (product images, logos, details and description, and video clips) and pages of this website are the Intellectual Property Rights of USFashionIndex.com, meaning that all of these are licensed by the company.

The IPR, patent and copyright laws limit you to not use, edit and copy content of this website for any purpose.

Terms of Purchase

At US Fashion Index we are responsible for on-time delivery. The delivery process includes some major steps:

Once you place your order, we first collect your personal information/details and then protect them. The correct information provided by you is helpful to us in the purchase initiation. Afterwards, all the financial details provided by you is sent to our reliable merchant provider or retailer. Such a merchant or retailer further checks and assesses such details.

Debit and Credit cards are not accepted here. For accepting payments from customers, we will be redirecting you to secure payment payment processing service through secure channel. That third party service is responsible for collecting payment on our behalf.

We offer all types of leather jackets and coats, cotton jackets, vest, track suits, T-Shirts etc. We offer both services: ready-made and customized services.

We reserve the right to not accepting your order when

  • Our website is under-maintenance
  • Your desired product or design is not available here
  • The transaction is in trouble.

Product Pricing

Here, US Dollar, UK Pound and Euro currencies are accepted. In case of currencies of other countries, you need to use a local card provider service. For this, some additional amount you need to pay. 

Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right to change the product’s price because of increase in the raw material or in the transportation charges. In this regard, informing you is not our duty or responsibility.

Import Taxes & Duties

Our product price doesn’t include the import duties and taxes. To get further details please go through “Delivery Information” page of our website.