About Us

US Fashion Index has been operating since last decade in the field of online shopping and offering superior quality and highly elegant leather jackets, coats and other accessories. Here, we always pay strong attention to the international quality standards through our wide-ranging network consisting of high-street retailers and industry’s best manufacturers of leather wear and accessories.

Online Shop for Classics and Contemporary Outfits

Yes, if you like and love classic attires you can visit our online shop for classic outfits because we share historical context of all of our quality fashion products. Here, you can find the very peculiar classic leather jackets and coats. If you like wearing old classic designs related to 70s and 80s Hollywood outfits, our online shop is the most favorable destination where all your desires are met perfectly. Whether you are a male or female, come to here and chose your desired attire.

If you want some modern-day and latest collection of movies jackets and coats, we also offer you all your desired contemporary designs. In fact, our online shop is the perfect destination through which you can definitely add the stylish jackets to your smart wardrobe.

Our Commitment and Vision

Although we deal in leather/Cotton and other outfits for both men and women, we strive to bring to you the core feeling and spirit of the very fashion. To serve you we meet this vision by first comprehending your ultimate needs and desires and then craft a unique product that fits to you.